TCPCam is a bit different in the implementation and usage if comprated to most other video conference software around. The following is a list of the main features of TCPCam:

  • It works using a single TCP port (port 7766). In order for TCPCam to work between two users, one of the users can be completly firewalled, while the other one must have port TCP 7766 open to the outside.
  • Audio frames are encoded using the Speex encoder/algorithm.
  • Video frames are encoded using JPEG at high compression level.
  • The user can switch between ten different video quality levels at runtime using keys from 1 to 0.
  • Support for multiple video resolution (up to 640×480), the user can switch at runtime using the right keys (see¬†usage)
  • Full screen mode (just press ‘f’ to toggle).
  • Capture screenshots in JPEG format (just press ‘enter’).
  • Audio works in narrowband (8Khz) and wideband (16Khz).
  • The protocol is very simple to implement in most operating systems and programming languages. It is based on frames with a simple header containing audio or video and transimtted over a TCP channel.